Johnny Alspaugh                                                                             Manager: Courtney Campion

(917) 680-2698                                                                                                                                (917) 387-5954


Height: 510                                                                                                                 Eyes: Brown

Weight: 165                                                                                                                     Hair: Brown

Film Experience

Hemingway                                                      Lead                                                    Dir. Dylan Hirsh       

Diecast                                                             Supporting                                          Dir. Ben Avilez

Evil Powers                                                      Supporting                                 Dir. Fernando Huerto

My Glorious Downfall                                       Supporting                                 Dir. Fernando Huerto

Final Advent                                                    Supporting                                 Dir. Fernando Huerto

It Might Be You                                                            Supporting                                Dir. Fernando Huerto

Aim for the Heart                                             Supporting                                 Dir. Fernando Huerto

Heart Shot Grand Prix                                     Supporting                                 Dir. Fernando Huerto

Theatre Experience

Diverting Devotion                                           Peter / Lead                                        Moxie Theatre

BFE                                                                 Hugo / Principal                              La Jolla Playhouse

Nest                                                                  Daniel Boone / Principal           Experimental Theatre

Extremities                                                       Raul / Lead                                Experimental Theatre

Dear Harvey                                                    John Laird / Principal                Experimental Theatre

Animal Farm                                                   Moses / Principal                      Experimental Theatre


On-Camera Commercial                                   Hal Masonberg                                                  Off the Leash

Cold Reading                                                    Walker Clark                                           WC Studios

Scene Study                                                      Walker Clark                                          WC Studios

Advanced Voice & Text                                               C.J. Keith                           San Diego State University

Advanced Acting                                              C.J. Keith                           San Diego State University

Chubbick Technique Workshop                                     John Benitz               KCACT Festival, St. George UT

Improv Comedy Fundamentals                         Brandon Maier                               San Diego State University

Special Skills          

Dance: African, Salsa, Capoeira

Sports: Horseback riding, kickboxing, swimming, bicycling, rock climbing, kayaking, baseball, hiking, yoga

Dialects: South African

Other: Stunts (fights/falls/tumbles) willingness to alter appearance, walking with a limp


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