Taylor Myers



Eye Color: Blue         Hair Color: Brown          Height: 6Õ0          Weight: 190



A Christmas Carol                Bob Cratchit/Young Scr.    The Century Association

KrappÕs Last Tape                Krapp                                 New York University - Tisch

Macbeth                                Banquo                             New York University - Tisch

The Wake                              Ken                                    New York University - Tisch

The Bear                                Gregory Smirnoff             New York University - Tisch

Confession                            Ben                                    Theater for the New City

Shakespeare Benefit                      Young Lover                      New York University - Tisch

Project 24                               Various Roles                              New York University - Tisch

Stand Up!                              Will                                   The R.Ed.I. Foundation

The Music Man                     Harold Hill                       Wheaton North High School

The Love of Three Oranges            Truffaldino                       Wheaton North High School

Grease                                               Danny Zuko                      Wheaton North High School



Goldilocks                             Cop                                    Castor and Pollux Pictures

Longevity                               Eric                                     New York University

Ask For Eric                            Eric                                     New York University

Business Time                                 Alan McCarthy                              DePaul University

At My Fingertips                   Jason                                 New York University

To Be Like Elephants                      Boy                                     Columbia College

Home                                     Ethan                                Columbia College



Ace Hardware                                   Commercial – The Other Guys

Robert Half                           Multiple Commercials – Business Etiquette Blunder

Sears                                      How-To Series on Extreme Tools line

S.C.A.R.C.E.                             Informational videos on services rendered



Intensive Actor Training     Stella Adler Studio at New York University - Tisch

Acting Analysis Intensive   Angela Pigoni

Vocal Training                                  Amy Nooden, Abigail Sparling, and Marc Beja

Dance and Movement         Anthony Foster, Steve Cook, and Joanne Edelmann

Fight Choreography             Steve White


Special Skills: Whitewater kayaking, kung fu (weapons training), motorcycle riding, Spanish, guitar, raise either eyebrow, lacrosse, frisbee, whistling, CPR certified, long boarding, snowboarding, various accents.